March 23, 2013 - 7th Annual Ride-Roll-Run-Relay

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The 7th Annual Ride-Roll-Run Relay is March 23, 2013
Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway
Land Bridge Trailhead11100 SW 16thAve. (CR475A)
Ocala, FL 34476




Several horses in the area have tested

positive for equine herpes virus (EHV-1).

Some of the horses which previously tested positive have developed neurological symptoms associated with the virus. The neurological aspect of the illness, which affects the animal's ability to stand and can cause incontinence, is the most dangerous manifestation of the illness and can lead to euthanasia.

Due to the recent outbreak of this virus please be aware:

-     Our troughs are cleaned on a volunteer basis. Please use at own risk.

-     It IS NOT suggested to share water buckets, sponges, scrapers, brushes, bits, bridles, etc.

-     It IS strongly suggested that you bring your own water buckets to fill at the hose bibs.

-     You should bring your own hoses and use only your hoses for washing, watering, etc.

*Ride at own Risk*

What Is the Ride-Roll-Run Relay?

In 2006, the DEP Office of the Greenways and Trails and volunteers from the Marjorie Harris Carr Cross Florida Greenway user groups (equestrians, bikers, and runners) met to create a friendly competition that would unite diverse trail user groups in a common effort to highlight the resources and economic benefits of Florida’s premier greenway and state trails.  The Ride-Roll-Run Relay was organized so that a team of three members (one member of each user group) could compete against other teams for prizes and bragging rights. Proceeds benefit the Florida Greenways and Trail Foundation, Inc.,  a not-for-profit organization, which helps maintain, enhance and expand public access to Florida’s recreation and conservation lands, including the Cross Florida Greenway. The inaugural Ride-Roll-Run Relay was held in February, 2007.   While this is a beginner friendly race in terms of distance (approximately 7 miles on horseback, 10 miles on mountain bikes, and 3.5 trail running), it is a TRAIL RACE. All racers will be on narrow, single-track trails and will have some sections that are hilly through the canal diggings. There are separate trails for each discipline. Equestrians will have some short, steep hills and knee knockers. Downed trees are always a possibility, but the trails will be ridden the day before in an attempt to find and remove any large trees. Bikers will ride a combination of wooded single-track and lime rock multipurpose roads with steep inclines/declines.  Runners will have short, steep up and down hills, and may have to hop over logs and duck under branches. Don’t let this scare you off. All racers have long stretches of flat, gentle trail to pass the competition. As each racer returns to the Land Bridge Trailhead and crosses the finish line they pass off their baton (colored wrist bands) to their team member who continues on their course. Equestrians start the race. Bikers are second in the Relay, and runners finish for the team.


Congratulations to the 2012 Ride Roll Run Winners!

1st Place : Team #28 Last Minute

2nd Place: Team # 25 Better Life Chiropractic

3rd Place: Team # 27 The Health Nuts

4th Place: Team #24 Smokin Toads

5th Place: Team #23 Faster than a Speeding Turtle

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